My pain went up in smoke with CBD oil!

My name is Charlie and I use CBD for pain with excellent results. I am 50 years old next year and have worked in the construction industry for almost 30 years. For almost as long, I have smoked ordinary cigarettes and over time have known how body and health have stripped it. During a regular working day, I usually have four shorter breaks. Where I, as a routine in my reward system, have given me three cigarettes per break. This job struggles very hard especially on legs, shoulders and back.

The smoking hardly makes it better

My son asked me just over two years ago why I did not try to “vapa” CBD oil via an e cig. At first I didn’t understand what he meant, but soon the token began to fall down. He showed on the internet how it worked, and what the CBD oil has for effects. Said and done so, I ordered a starter package from a company called Herbmed. And thus started my new way of both handling smoky smoke, but also now my bodily problems.

I quickly learned that the CBD oil

Reduces my pain and increases at my energy level throughout the day. The working days are now much more than before. And the body feels as fresh as when I was 20 years old. It may sound like the hocus pocus but I can certify that the CBD oil has changed my life totally for the better. I can really recommend all smokers to make the same change from regular cigarettes to a vape with CBD oil. That I don’t have to pull myself a lot of shit in combination with reduced aches. And pains in the body makes my quality of life considerably better now.

Thank you so much to my son

Who opened this door to the fantastic world of the CBD oil! Without this opportunity, I do not know how my health had looked today. The horror of getting into hospital and getting a serious illness has also diminished due to the fact that. I have found the gun and the CBD oil.

Growing your own tomatoes is not difficult

Here’s how to grow juicy and tasty tomatoes.

Saw your tomato seeds in March or April. It takes about two months from sowing the seeds until it is time to plant the plants. If you do not have enough daylight at home, a plant lamp is needed that shines on your plants indoors. Tomato plants love light, heat, nutrition and water!

The right kind in the right place

Generally, all tomatoes want to be in a sunny position and protected from the wind. Tomatoes thrive when it’s hot. They prefer to have a constant temperature of around 20-30 degrees. But there are varieties that have hardened and can withstand down to 10 degrees.

You can see your tomato seeds in:

  • Pre-purchased mini-houses
  • Small pots
  • Grape cartons
  • Milk packaging

You can actually see anything. But there should be small holes in the bottom so that any excess water can drain.

When the plant has grown up and is manageable, it must be planted in new nutritious soil. Plant half the plant under ground as it promotes root development. And also gives tomato clusters further down on the plant.

Do this with your tomato plant

Fill a large pot or bucket with holes in the bottom about half with cultivator soil. And put the whole plant lump a bit deeper than it has been before, so new roots grow out of the trunk. The plant then becomes stronger. Fill with soil. Do not press slightly on the ground on the root ball.
Water well.


Set the plant sunny for example. on the balcony or patio. Water regularly, keep the soil moist, the soil should not stand dry or wet. Supplements nutrition. Shake the plant lightly when flowering to increase pollination. Remove thieves (the side shoots that grow out in the leaf folds, they take power from the plant). Shrub and amputate tomatoes need not be thawed.

Should you grow in a pot on the balcony or the window frame, bush tomatoes are best suited.


Freshly picked tomatoes taste best. Let the tomatoes mature properly before picking them for the best taste. Pick few tomatoes several times a week instead of storing them indoors. Tomatoes lose flavor from being stored, as storage reduces their natural sugar content.